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VictoryVR is producing curriculum for the Buffalo Elementary science and technology program that gives students an immersive learning environment into the world of environmental science for our nation’s river’s and lakes.
Once immersed with a VR headset, students are taken to the Living Lands and Waters barge on the Ohio River as the crew cleans thousands of pounds of garbage and debris out of the water. Even more, CNN International Hero of the year, Chad Pregracke, gives students a pep talk on why they should work to keep our waterways clean. Then students are transported to Nahant Marsh where they learn from an environmental expert how marshes work to keep our waterways clean and why wetlands are an important part of a healthy environment. Continuing on through the learning environment, students are swept into a movie theatre where they watch the video on the history of Lake Erie and the beginning of the Clean Water Act in the United States. VR creates enthusiastic learners.

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When a farmer buys a technology-enabled John Deere Tractor, there’s a great deal of learning that’s required. John Deere dealership owner, Bob Sinclair, engaged VictoryVR – in partnership with the ChalkBites mobile learning platform – to create a VR learning environment where new owners can put a headset on and learn the intricacies of driving the tractor.  In fact, the owner can sit in the jump seat right next to the instructor as they start up the combine or tractor and run it in a field or down a road. Even more, farmers have a front row seat in the Sinclair Tractor movie theatre as they see custom movies on how to run the tractor.