VictoryVR is aligned with Next Generation Science StandardsRelying on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as our model, we have created original, engaging, and informative content for every one of our science units. Additionally, VictoryVR has created Teacher Support Pages that accompany every unit, enabling teachers to seamlessly integrate VR learning experiences with their existing lesson plans.

Middle School Curriculum (Grades 5-8)

High School Curriculum

  • 24 standards-based units covering Biology I, Biology II, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, Engineering & Technology, and Physics

VictoryVR’s 48 educational science units contain a total of 240 virtual reality experiences:

  • 48 Virtual field trips around the world
  • 48 Interactive edutainment VR experiences
  • 48 Experiments and teaching moments with Wendy Martin, national award-winning science teacher
  • 96 Stories: VR comic books, animations, movies, and explorative journeys
  • 3 standardized multiple choice assessments testing critical thinking skills per unit – self-contained in the headset