Providing Students a Free Library Card to a Virtual World of Learning

By Steve Grubbs

VictoryVR and Microsoft have agreed to provide a full library of virtual reality science content to every school in the world at no cost.

On January 22, 2019, Microsoft will provide a library of virtual reality STEM content to schools everywhere. Twenty-five Microsoft Logovolumes of virtual reality curriculum – created by VictoryVR and nationally recognized teacher, Wendy Martin – will be free to any school using it’s Windows Mixed Reality platform.

In one move, Microsoft will give students everywhere the ability to travel the world virtually. The library has 24 virtual field trips including learning about engineering design while standing on The Great Wall of China, multi-cellular organisms in the Singapore Gardens, earth formation in Iceland and genetics on a dairy farm in Iowa.

Even more, national Top Teacher finalist, Wendy Martin, takes students around the United States as they learn about the environment, chemistry, anatomy and more than 20 other topics straight from the classroom.

What causes learning in virtual reality to be revolutionary is its ability to make learning come to life. Students step into a world of virtual comic books, journeys through learning worlds, games that reward learning and virtual field trips on their way to tackling the same topics they encounter in the classroom.Adventures in Space

For teachers, the virtual curriculum is meticulously tied to national and state science standards like the Next Gen Science Standards, TEKS and CPALMS. These standards are easily searchable through an online database where teachers can integrate virtual lessons into their daily plan.

The result is an effectiveness in learning that exceeds the existing paradigm.

Studies show that students who learn in virtual reality retain more information longer. And beyond what studies may suggest, we intuitively know that students who love to learn naturally embrace it. Not surprisingly, students love learning in virtual reality.

The agreement between VictoryVR and Microsoft is sure to drive a renewed love of STEM learning and science in classrooms across the United States and the world.

Frog Dissection

The free content will include:

  • 24 virtual field trips around the world
  • 48 virtual world learning lessons through comics, animations, movies and journeys
  • 24 lessons with Wendy, the Science Teacher
  • 24 interactive virtual activities that make learning come to life
  • 72 in-the-headset assessments
  • 24 teacher instruction guide sheets
  • 1 virtual frog dissection

To try one of VictoryVR’s science units on your Windows Mixed Reality headset, download Adventures in Space or any of 24 other VR volumes from the Microsoft Store free of charge.

Steve Grubbs is founder and CEO of VictoryVR, the United States’ leading standards-based virtual reality curriculum company.

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