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A virtual reality alternative to animal dissections developed using state of the art technology.

VR dissections are the ultimate example of user-friendly science education solutions. Unlike classroom dissections, there is no setup required. Just pop on a VR headset, load the program, and you are ready to learn. Because of this, VR dissections can take place anywhere – in a classroom, museum, library, and even in your home.

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Virtual reality dissections are a cost-saving alternative for schools:

Currently, animal dissections cost schools A LOT of money. Over a 5 year period, a single classroom can spend the following on dissection costs:

  • $4000 to dissect frogs, or
  • $5500 to dissect pigs, or
  • $14,500 to dissect cats

Dissections using virtual reality technology will cost less than $2500 a year for a full suite of ALL animals.

VR dissections are the humane and smart alternative:

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“We are incredibly excited about VictoryVR’s virtual reality frog dissection, the learning experience their team has designed is unlike anything else out there today.”

-Nicole Green, Director, Animalearn

  • The most commonly dissected animals are frogs, pigs, and cats
  • The removal of frogs from their native habitats can have a dramatic effect on those ecosystems
  • Frogs naturally consume many insects; with so many frogs disappearing the insect populations have risen substantially, leading to a greater use of pesticides which can damage the water supply and food chain
  • The use of wild-caught frogs for dissection purposes is a contributing factor towards the rapidly declining worldwide frog population
  • Many cats of which are bought from international “cat farms” where treatment is not regulated by the USDA

Many states have laws allowing students to choose opt-out alternatives to dissection without being penalized.

VR dissections are completely safe:

  • No risk of being cut by a scalpel
  • No risk of infection
  • No exposure to formaldehyde, a chemical preservative which can damage the eyes and cause asthma attacks and bronchitis.Frog Dissection Model


VictoryVR’s animals dissection models feature:  

  • A national award winning science teacher – who we have digitized into a hologram – will provide classroom instruction – just like the real thing
  • Instruction that follows the Next Gen Science Standards (NGSS) – the same standards more than half the states follow
  • Animals that are recreated to the finest detail so that they are a suitable substitute for the real thing in a classroom
  • Lifelike physical models mean that animals appear as they would in a real dissection allowing science teachers to feel good about substituting virtual reality for the real thing
  • Animals that are represented to scale inside the virtual environment – for example, the heart inside our virtual frog is created to scale
  • A full set of virtual dissection tools for users, even a magnifying glass to let you see the detailed inner-workings of a body
  • Six-Degrees of Freedom*: Users will be able to interact with the animal and the room around them

*Compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets